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Title: Anywhere But Here
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Author: Kerry 
Summary: Henry's reaction to Bree and Rex
Please tell me if I should Carry it on.

“I didn’t want to listen to what you were saying, I thought I knew all I needed to know”. “That’s your problem Bree. You don’t think. You just act, I thought I brought you up well, but obviously I did not”.  Henry Mason played with his glass of whiskey then placed it on top of the mantel and walked into the dining room leaving his daughter sat on the couch staring into space at their cream carpet flooring. He walked past his wife sitting at the dining room table and opened a cabinet and pulled out a gold box, he opened it carefully looking down on it. Henry only opened this box when he was very stressed and this box has been opened quite a few times this year. He took out a cigar and lighted it slowly then walked back into the  living room where his daughter looked back up into his eyes, the reflection of the red hot burning fire flickering them.


He sat down in his usual comforter after taking his whiskey back off the mantel.  “How could you do this to us, to Ty, to yourself? For goodness sakes Bree have you lost all self respect!”. Henry’s grip on the small whiskey glass tightened until the glass finally exploded into shatters of little pieces. Bree flinched at the sound of the glass braking and Eleanor immediately flooded from the dining room into the lounge. “Henry have you completely lost it!”. Eleanor yelled into his face but Henry’s expression didn’t change. He just kept looking into his daughters eyes and saw a great amount of fear in them.


“Daddy please!”. Bree’s voice sounded breathless, she refused herself to look into his eyes or she would just end up braking down right there on the carpet and she couldn’t give Eleanor that type of satisfaction so she looked around her lounge to look at anything but her father’s familiar face/. “You know what Eleanor?”. Henry looked up to his wife who was peering over the comforter looking down to his head. “There’s only one thing not so bad about Bree’s Mother dying. She hasn’t seen the way she’s turned out”. Bree’s head jumped up a hurt expression on her face. “Well, I’m sorry for being such a disappointment”. Bree could feel the tears in her eyes but she stood up anyway and took her purse of the coffee table and walked out of the front door and if she had it her way never to return again.


Bree pulled up outside a building she knew all to well. Once she was stood outside the door all her confidence had left her body and she had no idea what to do, it was like she was rooted to the ground she was stood on. She finally plucked up the courage and knocked on the door.


Rex Van De Kamp sat on his sofa with his roommate watching the game when there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it”. Rex said rather lazily getting up, he walked over to the door and his eyes lightened up when he saw the person stood in front of him “Bree! But how? Why?”. Bree looked to the floor and then back up again. “Please, no questions. Just hold me”. Rex walked over to Bree and slowly pulled her into his embrace and kissed her hair. “Can we go somewhere. Just me and you?”. Rex let go of her reluctantly. “Uh yeah sure, just let me tell Matt first OK?”. Bree nodded slowly looking down to the floor again.


Rex popped his head around the dorm room door and spoke quite distractedly. “Uh Matt I gotta go”. “But Rex Georgia Tech are winning come on!”. “I know, but I really have to go it’s so important I can’t even explain it right now”. “Well you do what you gotta do”. “Thanks”. Rex replied. He picked his jacket up from the arm chair and walked back outside to Bree. “So where do you wanna go?”, “Anywhere but here”.


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