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icht Title: Lovers in the rain
author: marciavandecamp
About: Brex

Summary: I changed the scene from 3x01 like I would love it...

Lovers in the rain

It is a wonderful afternoon when Bree walks down the way with Rex. She holds his hand and smiles at him. They’d gone through a lot of bad times together and since his heart attack , she’s realized how much she loves him and that a life without him would be senseless. He is her life, the air she needs to breath and the greatest gift god could have given her. They’re about to start from the beginning, to give their love a new chance to grow up.
In some way, Bree has changed herself in so much ways. She became a bit like the Bree Rex had married, the Bree who doesn’t seem to care here or there. Her husband has given her back the smile he’d missed for such a long time.
The sky above them has gotten darker, but the sun still shines. Rex head is bowed to the ground and he smiles shyly at Bree from the site and suddenly she wants to kiss him. She stops walking and stands in front of him, holding both hands and leans forward to kiss him soft on his lips, a few raindrops are falling down.
Bree opens her eyes with a smile and kisses him again. He replies the kiss soft and pulls her closer. They don’t care a bout the raindrops for a while, but then they get more and more. 
They get apart and Rex wipes away a few drops off her face and couldn’t stop smiling and Bree starts to laugh.
“Come on!”, she screams laughing and takes his hand. So, they run down together the rainy Strees. All their clothes are completely wet and as they reach Wisteria Lane, they stop running breathless and laughing. She’s never left his hand, she feels so loved and happy.
Rex lays his hands at her hips and lifts her up and turns around through the rain, looking at her with pure love in his eyes.
The sun shines trough the rain and Bree looks down at him, her eyes are shimmering and the time seems to stand still. Except the falling rain, there isn’t any sound. He lets her down on her feet and lays his arms around her neck to lean into an intensive kiss. Their eyes are closed and they seem to melt together.
He loves her with every beat of his heart and every day, it will be more.
After never ending minutes, while the rain pours down on them, they get apart and Bree starts to laugh again. Rex takes her hand and leads her to their house, he opens the door and looks in her eyes.
“You’ve to get out of that wet clothes,” he whispers and carries her upstairs…
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