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Return to Me--"Fools in Love" (Chapter 4) Part 2

Title: Return to Me--Chapter 4 (Part 2)
Author: Eleanor aka breespearls
Rating: R for language, adult themes and sexual references (Please respect the rating, no one under 17 please!)
Author's Notes: The chapter's title comes from the song Fools in Love by Inara George. I heard it and thought it perfectly summed up this chapter. Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Also, I realize this chapter is months and months overdue. Sorry. I've had some major life changes happen in the last few months and I couldn't devote as much time to Brex as I would've liked. But here you are, twenty-two pages of BrexBliss. :D Thank you for your continued interest and I wanted to say that I appreciate you reading my fic. :)

“Lynette, I thought you said that know one would come up here!” whispered a panicked and frantic Bree.

“Do I look like I have my own 1-900 number?!””

“Shhh, maybe if we’re quiet, they’ll go away,” suggested Susan.

As luck would have it, of the two people walking in the woods, at least one was a policeman whose muffled voice was immediately recognizable to Susan. Without further delay, Gaby, Susan and Lynette jumped out of the lake and ran ashore to fetch their clothes. Meanwhile, a frightened Bree stayed put.

“Bree, come on!” hissed Lynette in a loud whisper.

“I can’t! I don’t want them to see me!”

“If you don’t get out, they will see you!”


“Bree Van De Kamp, this is no time to be modest! Do you want to be on the eleven o’clock news??”

Bree was unable to answer as the cops shone their flashlights in just the right spot, illuminating the half-dressed figures of Mrs. Mayer, Mrs. Solis and Mrs. Scavo. They screamed and ran into the woods followed closely by the cops. Thankful they hadn’t noticed her in the water, she stayed absolutely still until she was certain she couldn’t hear any more voices. Once everyone had cleared out, Bree safely made it to shore and stole up to the hill where she left her clothing. To her distress, though, her clothing was no where to be found. Her dress had vanished; nothing remained but her panties. Posthaste, she trailed back down to the lake to let the water shroud her nudity.

She didn’t know what to do. Her best hope was to wait until her friends came back for her. That is, if they weren’t on their way to jail at this very moment. Twenty minutes went by, then thirty. By the time forty minutes had passed, it appeared as though Bree would be there all night. Knowing that the water was pruning her skin, she wanted to get out, but the thought of her sitting in the woods exposed like some hippie at Woodstock wasn’t at all appealing. Her thinking changed when she felt something long and scaly glide against her legs. Petrified, she shrieked and sped once again up the shore, taking refuge behind a tree. Panting heavily, she peeked around the trunk to make sure whatever it was hadn’t followed her. Not seeing anything, she relaxed somewhat and caught her breath.

If she could just make it to Susan’s RV, maybe she could get inside, find some clothes and call someone to come and get her. Danielle was out of the question because Rex and she had confiscated her daughter’s car. Rex was definitely not an option. Little by little, she soundlessly crept along the darkened dirt path obscured by large trees and overgrown brush. Praying to God that know one would see her, she covered her breasts with her hands, her panties crushed up in one of those hands, and squatted down to try and conceal her front side. The closer she got to Susan’s temporary home, the faster Bree’s heart beat in anticipation of getting indoors. She promised to God that she would never do anything as foolish again.

A mere fifteen feet separated a long suffering Bree from her target, however as she was about to make a mad dash to the front door, a car pulled in the gravel driveway.

“Damn!” she cursed in aggravation, hastily ducking behind a tree.

Hearing the car stop and afterwards the slamming of a car door, Bree peeked around the trunk to see a figure walking up to Susan’s RV. At first, it was impossible to tell who the mysterious stranger was it being so dark, but as the person moved closer to the dim light that hung directly above the front door, Bree was overjoyed to see that it was Orson Hodge.

Orson knocked on the door a couple of times, but there was no answer. As he was about to turn and leave, Bree summoned enough courage to call out his name. The first attempt was so weak that he barely heard it; it was enough of a noise, though, that he stopped and looked from left to right as if it had been made by some wild animal.

Again, she called his name, this time in a stronger voice. Encircling the car and looking behind the trailer, he shouted, “Bree?! Is that you?”

“Yeah. I’m over here!” she kept herself hidden except for the hand she waved to show Orson her location.

Seeing him walking towards her, she screamed, “No! Orson, stay where you are. I’m in no condition to be seen at the moment!”

Stopping dead in his tracks, he asked worriedly, “Are you all right? Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m all right. Well, maybe my pride is a little hurt, but I’m fine. I’ve, uh, gotten myself into a kind of sticky situation.”

“What is it, Bree?” Orson was very curious, but he was also a little concerned as he detected an uneasiness in Bree’s speech.

“I, uh... I went swimming with Lynette and Susan and Gaby and, well, the cops came and they ran off, presumably with my clothes. I, um, I don’t have anything on at present and it’s really quite embarrassing. I don’t know where the girls went. They could be in jail for I know...”

The hilarity of the situation suddenly struck Orson and he laughed until his eyes watered. Bree, on the other hand, didn’t think it very funny and was scandalized.

“I don’t think it’s very funny! Anyone at anytime could’ve seen me! I have children who would be horrified to see their mother on television after arrested for–for indecent exposure!”

“With a body like yours, Bree, I would hardly call it indecent.”

All the blood in her body rushed to her face and a flash of heat expeditiously crawled like thousands of tiny spiders under her skin, burrowing deep in the tissue. It had been a while since anyone had complimented her like that. As flattered as she was that Orson was attracted to her, or rather, her body, it scared her, too. She liked Orson, but she was married to Rex. Remembering her declaration of love for Rex to her friends a scant hour ago, shame and confusion messed with her mind. Sometimes it seemed that Rex didn’t love her and other times, she was afraid to let him love her. Bree wanted Rex to be attracted to her, to be turned on by her. It was every housewife’s daydream for her husband to come home after a hard day’s work and be so full of longing and lust for his wife that he can’t wait to take her upstairs to make love to her. Rex would never be so spontaneous. Perhaps their marriage had lost its spark and Rex no longer desired her.

Clearing her throat, she ignored Orson’s statement and said, “Would it be possible for you to take me home?”

“Of course! Not a problem at all!”

“And, um, would you happen to have anything that I might wear? I’m kind of, uh, bare, if you know what I mean.”

“Certainly. I think I probably have a spare overcoat in the back. I try to keep something in case of an emergency. Let me look.”

Orson rustled around in the trunk of his car for a few minutes, occasionally making a “hmmm” sound. With each passing second, Bree became more nervous. She was sure that something bad would happen. Either the police would catch her or someone she knew would see her or, God forbid, Danielle and her friends would somehow cross paths with her. Would the nightmares ever end?!

After what seemed like forever passed, she heard Orson exclaim, “Ah ha! I knew this was back here!” He pulled a long, black cashmere coat from the trunk of his car. Removing the plastic covering, he gave it a quick dusting and asked Bree, “Ok, here it is. Uh, how do you propose that I get it to you?”

“Shut your eyes and walk it over here,” she responded meekly. She stuck her arm and hand out from behind the tree, ready to receive the long awaited coat. “And whatever you do, don’t look!”

“It’s pitch black out here and you’re hiding behind a tree, what exactly am I suppose to not look at??”

Agitated, Bree snapped, “Orson, please just bring me the coat.”

Once she slipped it on and buttoned it up, she thought herself decent enough to step out of the shadow of the tree which had concealed her nudity. Orson had come to Susan’s RV in hopes of returning her jacket to her. She’d accidentally left it in his office the other day when she’d come in for an appointment. He didn’t feel comfortable with leaving it on her door step, but since he would be taking Bree home, he was satisfied with the idea of leaving the jacket with her so she could deliver it to her friend.

After opening the door for Bree, Orson climbed into the front seat and they drove off.

“Are you going to tell me what you girls were doing at the lake?”

“Swimming,” came her flat, terse reply.

“Obviously,” he chuckled. “But why in heaven’s name didn’t you bring bathing suits?”

“We were living ‘dangerously’. Or so Gaby said.”

“Well, did you have fun?”

“Does this look like the face of someone who had a barrel of laughs?” Bree turned to him and glared, her mouth doing a perfect imitation of an upside-down ‘U’.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Bree. I don’t think any the less of you.”

Suddenly feeling worn out, Bree sighed wearily, “Orson, I really don’t want to talk about it. I just want to forget the whole thing. Right now I want to go home, soak in a hot bath and go to bed and sleep until noon tomorrow.”

“That sounds like a good idea. But Bree, can I be honest with you? Honest without you taking offence?” he asked with a ripple of uncertainty woven into his voice.

All Bree wanted to do was rest her mind and her body. At the moment, she neither wanted to do any strenuous thinking or bodily movements. She only wanted to cease the thoughts and worries that plagued her fatigued brain, but out of kind propriety, since Orson was generous enough to lend her his coat and drive her home, she was willing to listen to his query.

“Uh, I suppose.”

They were stopped at a red light and so Orson took advantage of the opportunity to look into Bree’s eyes with a genuine tenderness that she’d longed to see in a man’s face. While she wasn’t generally a weak person, tonight she was an exhausted, aggrieved woman who had nowhere to turn. For months, she lived behind the walls of a fortress she built for herself that served to keep out the world, the negativity, the things she didn’t want to deal with and right now, if she were allowed one person to breach those walls, she would pick Orson. The way his eyes gazed at her, they seemed to understand her, to want to help her. And she wanted their comfort, their security and their support. She didn’t want to be alone anymore. And whilst she didn’t want to invite the world in to her self-made prison, she would consider allowing her newest friend inside.

“Bree, if it were me you were coming home to tonight, I can assure you, sleeping would be the last thing you’d be doing.” The light turned green and he was again facing forward.

Stunned, she turned away her gaze and watched the view from the window, electing not to reply. Flattered yet abashed, she couldn’t think of anything to say that would alleviate the awkwardness she found in the present situation. Damn Rex! It angered her to think that he didn’t say things like that to her. If he did, she wouldn’t be so completely puzzled as to how to handle Orson. It was likely that her husband never gave her a second’s thought throughout his busy day. All he would have to do is ask her and she would be his. She didn’t care anymore about the past. She was more than willing to forget it, to start over. In that instant, something inside of her changed and she knew she wanted Rex, flaws and all. She just wanted to love him and to receive his love in return. Maybe that’s what he was talking about the night he rebuffed her and told her she wasn’t ready to give herself to him, in mind or body. The sex was unimportant to her at the moment because she simply wanted to tell him that she loved him and forgave him. Smiling to herself, she couldn’t wait to get home and hoped Rex was there waiting for her. It seemed to be taking Orson forever to get to Wisteria Lane, but once he turned onto the street, she was so delirious with excitement and love she nearly jumped out of the car as it continued to move at a steady thirty-five miles per hour.

Impatient as she was, she did let Orson open the car door for her and walk her to the front door of her house. Retrieving the spare key from beneath a flower pot, she energetically burst forth into her home looking for Rex. First she went to the living room then the kitchen, then, with less enthusiasm, in the dining room and downstairs bathroom.

“Rex?!” she shouted with much anticipation. However, she was dismayed when she found a post-it note Rex had written stuck to the refrigerator.

After work, the guys and I decided to go fishing. Be back day after tomorrow.

Bree read is twice just to make sure she’d read what she thought she’d read, then crumpled it up and threw it away. Blinking back tears, her heart sank into a sea of disappointment. Just when she needed him the most, she when she so badly wanted to tell him something so important, he was gone. It shouldn’t have surprised her. It seemed he had a knack for disappearing just when she needed him the most. Coincidentally, to match her mood, there was a sharp clap of thunder outside followed quickly by a flash of lightning. A storm had moved into Fairview.


Orson found her in the kitchen, looking desolate.

“What’s wrong?”

In no time, she’d rebuilt those walls of her fortress. “Oh, nothing. I just, uh, I thought maybe someone would be home when I got here. I’ve been alone a lot lately.”

“I know how that feels.”

“Do you?” Bree wondered if he really knew what it felt like to be all alone, to draw strength from your own broken spirit in hopes of fixing those imperfections in your environment. To be so alone you hear the ghosts of happier times laughing at your wretched state. Did he really understand her plight?

“I do. There are times that I leave the television on while I do housework just so there’s noise. I come home to an empty house, such as this one, I eat my dinner alone and I clean up alone and I go to sleep alone. There’s no one to talk to about my troubles, there’s no one there to offer support. But Bree, I admire you and you know why?”

Slowly, she shook her head.

“It’s easier to deal with loneliness when you’re expecting to be lonely because you are painfully aware that you have the support or love of absolutely no one, but it’s much harder to come home to a husband and daughter who treat you with cruel indifference and give you the cold shoulder when all you want is for them to show you some affection and you wait each and every day for the off chance that you’ll get it.”

Again, Bree shook her head. “No, that’s not the way it is. They love me, I know they do.” Her appearance betrayed her words when her face reddened and a sheet of tears clouded her eyes.

“I don’t doubt that for a minute, but love isn’t suppose to be lonely. You’re a wonderful lady, Bree. I hate the fact that any moment now you’re going to burst into tears. What’s wrong? Is Rex not coming home tonight?”

Angrily, she wiped the tears that threatened to spill over onto her cheek. “No, he’s going to be away for a few days.”

She didn’t want to talk about this with Orson, but he was so easy to talk to. Strong emotion jeopardized her ability to make sound decisions regarding what was appropriate and inappropriate to discuss with him. Many things were going through her mind--hate, rage, yearning, sadness–and Orson was like a faint light amid thick fog. Soon, her tongue began to pine for a drop of the liquor hidden under her car seat.

“And those tears are because he’s not here and you feel lonely or because you know when he comes back you’ll still feel lonely?”

Thunder rolled in the sky above them.

“Orson, I’m very tired, so very tired... Thank you for the coat and for the ride home, but I’d like to go to bed now. I’m so tired...”

“Tired of what, Bree?”

“I’m just tired, Orson. Please go home,” she implored wearily.

“You’re tired of being alone aren’t you?”

“No...” she answered quickly, all to quickly for Orson. His question seemed almost like badgering to Bree, but in all truth, he was worried about her. He didn’t want to leave her in that state.

“Admit it. You’re sick of being alone, waiting for someone to care about you, waiting for his company, all the while knowing it’s never going to happen.”

“Just stop, Orson. Just... stop...”

“No! And you know why? Because I care about you. You don’t have to be alone, but you put yourself in the position of being everyone’s doormat! God, don’t you know there are people that love you and care about you? Why are you content to sit here and let Rex Van De Kamp walk all over you??”

“Orson!” she sobbed. “Please stop!”

Stepping toward her he tried to embrace her, but she furiously pushed him away. Undeterred, he enclosed her with his arms and held her gently.

“It’s not like that,” she wept into his shoulder. “You don’t know Rex. You can’t judge him!”

“It’s obvious you’re miserable, Bree. And I wasn’t around last year when Rex left you and I don’t know all the details, but if he made you happy, you wouldn’t be crying right now.”

When the thunder shook the walls of the house yet again, Bree peered up into Orson’s attentive eyes and was lost. She didn’t know anything anymore. All she knew was that she wanted to feel again. She wanted someone to take care of her. Most of all, she wanted someone that wanted her. It didn’t matter who it was.

Orson made no move, but he didn’t have to as Bree placed a hand on the back of his head and guided it to her own. It was she who found his lips with her own. The kiss which began soft and ambivalent turned to something ferocious. Bree was a forceful initiator motivated by all the wrong reasons and acting on delirious impulse. It didn’t take much persuasion to get Orson to return the kiss once he deduced she wasn’t merely teasing him. Brushing aside Bree’s damp hair and placing his hands on either side of her face, he took control, forcing Bree into the more submissive role of recipient of his affections. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, giving him all the access he would need to lavish her face and neck with kisses. Instead of warmth that was usually generated in Bree by these types of sexual interludes, there was nothing but a dullness that settled in the lowest depths of her stomach. No matter how fervid she made her kisses or how pruriently she used her tongue in an attempt to heighten her arousal, she couldn’t let go of the anchor that kept her grounded.

In two short strides, Orson managed to pin Bree against the wall of the kitchen. There was no escaping for her now, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to escape. Fumbling with the buttons on the overcoat he lent Bree, Orson tried to tear them open for better access. She stood there motionlessly letting him use her body, hoping he would somehow make her feel something. For better support, Bree placed her hands on his shoulders for a better grip and that’s when she noticed something glittering faintly in the light. Her wedding ring. At Rex’s “burial”, she threw her wedding band into his “grave”, but unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, she hadn’t worn her wedding ring that day, having chosen to take it off upon the news of Rex’s “death” for mourning purposes. As Orson kissed and bit at her neck and shoulder, she gazed at her ring, remembering when her husband had first slipped it on her finger and how he liked for her to keep it on as they made love. With a little effort and closed eyes, she could recall several of those romantic scenes.

Without warning, Orson slipped a hand inside the coat and cupped her breast causing her to intake a bit of air in a piercing gasp, afterwards releasing the small intake of breath with a low moan. Rex used to ever so deftly caress her breasts, saying they were his favorite part of her body. She loved the desirous bordering crazed look that came across his face when he removed her clothing and discovered them ready to receive his undivided attention–like a kid in a candy store. Lips found their way to a spot just under her jaw line at her ear and began to suckle, causing her to moan once again. To her joy, a seed of feeling began to grow.

After pushing away the left side of the impeding coat, hands found her other breast and began to stroke it roughly. The coarseness was a sharp contrast to the smooth kisses with which he showered her skin. Her excitement mounted and she felt encompassed by a shroud of invincibility. She truly loved him! Her heart devoted itself to only one man and she wanted to tell him so. Through all the swirls of bewilderment and disorder that swam throughout her mind, she only knew one truth to be certain.

Once the remaining hindrance had been slid off Bree’s shoulders, a tongue teasingly traced the outline of her clavicle. Bree was at the end of her tether, she wanted him. Desperately. Suddenly, everything felt as though it would be all right and she could let go of all her worries. Like a mantra, she repeated his name in her head until like a volcano it erupted from her mouth.


Upon hearing Rex’s name breathed from Bree’s swollen, red lips, Orson released her arms from his grasp and her unsupported back fell against the wall. Throwing open her eyes, she realized the man standing before her hadn’t been the one occupying her daydreams.

Embarrassed and breathing heavily, she shyly apologized in a voice that trembled with fear, “Orson I–I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to say...”

She saw the evidence of hurt in his eyes, but amongst the hurt she also saw a flicker of understanding.

Emitting a sad smile, he countered as his own breathing rushed to slow down, “It’s ok, Bree. I pushed you too hard. I guess I took advantage of your fragile state. I should be the one who’s sorry.”

“No, it’s not your fault. I suppose being alone for so long has taken it’s toll. On both of us. Neither of us can blame ourselves for wanting to feel close to another human being.”

“You’re a good person. And a deserving person. I hope you get what you’re looking for.” To seal his words, he placed a chaste kiss on Bree’s forehead, knowing he’d lost the battle for this woman to a man that wasn’t even willing to fight for her.

“I’m sorry for the way things turned out, Orson. Would it be foolish of me to hope that we can remain friends?”

“I’d like that. Though, I must admit, from the moment I saw you, I was attracted to you. It’s going to be a while, a long while, before those feelings go away. I can’t help but love you, Bree.”

Both parties immediately jumped apart and jerked their heads toward the kitchen door when they heard the sound of someone clearing their throat. Horrified, Bree saw her husband standing in the doorway with his arms crossed and his eyes narrowed. He looked ready to explode.

“Rex,” she panted frighteningly, pulling the coat tightly around herself.

“Bree,” came a blunt, clipped reply.

“Rex, it’s not what it seems.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to say anything else.”

“What do you mean by that?” Bree asked, her blood pressure rising.

“Really, Dr. Van De Kamp, despite how bad this looks, you should let Bree explain.”

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell me what to do in my home. And furthermore, I’d appreciate it if you got out of my house!” he bellowed.

To his credit, Orson refrained from tossing a biting remark Rex’s way and simply walked out the kitchen. When he heard the front door shut, Rex let in on Bree.

“I told you I’d wait for you to forgive me, that I’d give you time to get over the past, but I suppose this is your answer for me, huh?”

“No, Rex...” she tried to say.

“All you had to do was tell me to get out! But you went behind my back! Were you even going to tell me about this?!” he shouted, walking towards Bree.

“I made a mistake, Rex, but it’s not what you think!”

“Then what should I think?!”

I don’t love Orson, I love you! And I forgive you!” There, she’d said it. She’d gotten it off her chest and it was out in the open for Rex to do with what he pleased.

“Yet I walk in here and find you in the arms of another man. Forgive me (again) if I don’t believe you!”

“You’ve got to believe me, Rex. I was just so lonely. I decided tonight that I didn’t care anymore about what happened in the past. It’s over and done and I want to move on. I planned on telling you tonight, but you were gone. I was so lonely, Rex. I just wanted you! I love you!”

“You have a funny way of showing it, Bree.” Shaking his head, he exited the kitchen.

“Where are you going??” asked a panicked Bree.

“I’m packing some things and I’m going to a hotel.”

“Rex, no! You’ve got to listen to me!”

“No, I don’t. Our marriage was over even before I left last year. It was so damned foolish to think we could save it when I came back..”

“Dammit, Rex, turn around and look at me–listen to me!”

“No, I’m through listening to you.”

Wailing uncontrollably, she followed Rex into her bedroom closet where he started taking out shirts, jackets and trousers. He was so infuriated with his wife he couldn’t see straight, but what Bree couldn’t possibly have seen on the outside was Rex’s pain in thinking she had betrayed him. Once the closet had been raided, he moved to collect his socks and undergarments and ties from the bureau drawers.

“I’m sorry! I don’t know what else to say. Please don’t leave, Rex! I don’t know what I’ll do without you! I can’t stand losing you again!”

“I’m sure you’ll find something to do, such as finish off the liquor you have hidden in your car,” he barked heartlessly.

“Don’t go, please don’t go...” she mouthed almost inaudibly. Bree knew she was losing. Rex was slipping away from her and there was nothing she could do about it.

When everything had been packed, he carried the luggage down the stairs as the lightning flashed ferociously outside, illuminating the house inside, all the while Bree trailed him, clutching the coat at the throat in an attempt to keep herself covered.

“If you walk out that door, Rex Van De Kamp, you’ll not walk back through it!” she hissed between her tears.

Ignoring her, he placed his hand on the door knob and turned it.

“Rex, don’t walk out that door!” she screamed from the hallway.

He turned around to look at her one last time, his face was emotionless, his heart, however, drowned helplessly in all the feelings he carried inside.

“Please don’t walk out that door...” she begged, but he was gone. She heard him start his car and drive away. He wasn’t coming back.

Her crying stopped and the world around her was quiet save for the rain outside. After all the crying she’d done since Rex had been back, she thought maybe she’d cried her final cry. Numbness spread over her and before long she was emotionally frozen, feeling neither sadness nor happiness, love or hate. She really was all alone now and she dealt with it the only way she knew how.

“Andrew? Andrew?!” Danielle cried frantically into the phone as she paced the floor in her mother’s bedroom. “Andrew, you’ve got to come home! Now!” ... “Mom’s passed out and she won’t wake up! I’ve tried everything!” ... “I don’t know what’s wrong with her and I don’t know what to do!” ... “I tried to call Dad, but he’s not answering his cell.” ... “Please Andrew, hurry! Please, please, please hurry...”
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