Tori (breeza_babe57) wrote in bree_rex,

New Community / Fanfiction Archive

There really isn't much of a point into keeping this community anymore, it had a great run but after Rex died many of the Brex fans jumped the boat the minute Orson came into the picture. So, has created a fanfiction archive, open to all ships and stories from all ratings and authors and we eagerly welcome you to join and re-post any stories you've added here.

The community will be closed by December at the latest so if you have stories you'd like to preserve or add to the archive I'd do it now. For all of you who would like to remember Brex we have a Bree/Rex section at the forum

The Fairview Gardens is a new community for all things Desperate Housewives and we welcome all new members over there. The link is HERE

The Fairview Bookclub Society is a new fanfiction archive for all Desperate Housewives stories. Created by it is open to all new members, shippers and story types. Please head on over and share your stories, we'd love to have em.

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