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bree_rex's Journal

Bree and Rex Shipper Community
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1. No blasting other members.

2. Please keep spoilers under a cut for those who have not seen new episode or are on another schedule for the show.

3. Please let's be nice about all actors and actresses, do not blast someone you dislike or spread any rumors, we're all humans. :)

4. Please don't steal icons or pics without credit. Some people take it very personally. :)

5. Please post fanfiction under a cut or link with a rating guidelines.

6. Do not view anything that you believe is "inappropriate" for you or your age based on the rating.

7. There is to be NO posts asking for full downloaded episodes since this has been the cause of some cancelled communities. Posts requesting this will be deleted.
*This site and it's moderators are not affiliated with the show, characters or actors of Desperate Housewives. We are just huge fans showing our support.

Bree and Rex are "I promise to love you for the rest of my life" Love.

by chargrey