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Happy Birthday

Pairing: Brex/Tynnie
POV: Lynette
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not mine
Rating: PG-15

„Happy Birthday, Babe.“ Lynette Scavo felt her husband´s lips cover her´s and kept her eyes closed while kissing him back, savouring the perfect moment.
Finally Tom broke the kiss, then wrapped his arms carefully around his wife´s back.
“So, how is my birthday girl?”
“She´s perfect- at least she will be for the next ten minutes until the boys wake up and ruin it all.”
Tom laughed, putting one hand on Lynette´s rounded belly.
“Did you hear that, baby-girl, you´re brother´s really are a handful- mind to become a sweet, quiet girl, will you?”
“I don’t think she´s very interested in what you´ve got to say right now, actually I think she´s hungry.”
“Oh, I´m sorry- why don´t you go and take a nice, long bath while I fix breakfast and look after the boys?”
“I love you, do you know that?”
Tom placed a gentle kiss on his wife´s lips, then got up.
“Yes, I do- I love you right back.”

When Lynette arrived in the kitchen later, Tom was making waffles and the boys were already sitting at the table, eating cereals.
Lynette kissed them good morning, then unwrapped a horrible, self- made clay flower pot, trying to pretend to her sons how delighted she was that they had given her such a splendid gift until Tom announced that he had the waffles ready.
“Do we need anything else for today?”
He asked, sitting down next to Lynette at the table.
“No, we have everything ready, Bree and Mary- Alice will each bring a cake and Susan said she´d buy some muffins.”
Tom chuckled.
“Thank God, for a moment I feared she would actually try and bake herself- so I hope Bree and Mary- Alice have talked this over, I wouldn´t put it past them to kill each other over having brought the same cake.
“Come on, they are not that bad- besides they will have talked it over, so don´t worry. I have ice- cream for the kids and we have some bottles of champagne in the fridge, so everything should be fine. And Gabby said she´d bring some bottle´s of wine for later.”
“That´s so typical, everyone else brings food and all Gabby is interested in is booze-“
“What´s booze, Daddy?”
Preston asked, looking up from his plate.
“That´s another word for alcohol, adult stuff, Honey.”
Lynette glared at Tom who shrugged, grinning.

“Hey, Happy Birthday, Sweetie!”
Gabrielle hugged Lynette.
“Happy Birthday, Lynette.”
Carlos kissed her cheek, carrying a big basked full of wine bottles and Lynette laughed.
“Hey, are you planning on getting completely wasted here?”
“Well, you should always be prepared- so who´s here already?”
“Actually you´re the first- I have no idea what happened to Bree, I´m actually worried, it´s after four already.”
As they spoke the front door of the house opposite the Scavo´s opened and Bree and Rex Van De Kamp appeared, she looking spectacular in her lemon coloured summer dress with matching heels and her hair pulled back into a girlish pony- tail, he very handsome in a blue suit but it was clear from opposite the street that they once again weren´t speaking to each other- Bree walked several steps ahead of her husband as she crossed the street and her smile was even more forced than usual.
“Oh dear- do they ever get along these days?” Lynette asked and Gabby frowned.
“What, they havn´t always been like that?”
“No, they used to be a very cute, happy couple.”
They fell silent as their friend approached them, her smile still in place but Lynette noticed that Bree had been crying- her eyes were over bright and her mascara not as accurately in place as it would usually have been.
“What happened?”
Lynette whispered into Bree´s ear as she hugged her friend and Bree sighed.
“I´ll tell you later.”
Aloud she said “Happy Birthday, Honey” in her usual pleasant, cheerful voice.
Rex had arrived at the door and Lynette noticed that he carefully avoided to meet his wife´s eyes, just as Bree made sure not to come anywhere near him while he hugged Lynette and congratulated her.
The state of her best friend´s marriage seemed to have gone from bad to desolate lately and Lynette was feeling worried, she knew Bree, even though she often seemed unemotional, even cold to other people, loosing her husband would destroy her.
Gabrielle and Carlos had entered the house to put the wine their present away and Lynette felt relieved when Susan Mayer strode up the garden path towards them, being alone with Bree and Rex was something Lynette was more than happy to avoid.
“Hey, birthday- lady, how are you feeling?”
“Old, what did you think- wow, is that a book?”
“Yeah, I illustrated it specially for your little sunshine, she´ll love it, it´s all pink and white and purple- too bad you havn´t decided on a name yet, I would have loved to include it- but I can make another one for her first birthday after all. Hey, Bree, Rex.”
“Hello Susan- uhm, I´ll go and say hi to Tom.”
Rex walked past Lynette and Susan looked at Bree.
“Did you have a fight?”
“Don´t we always?”
Bree looked short of bursting into tears again and Lynette put her arm around her friend´s waist.
“Hey, don´t, you look much too pretty to cry.”
“Thank you- but I don´t feel remotely pretty right now- or remotely anything. Obviously I´m unbearable to live with and he´s wondering if he wants to anymore at all.”
Lynette exchanged a look with Susan, if wasn´t like Bree at all to tell them about her marital problems and Lynette had have no idea that they were that serious.
“Oh Honey, I´m sure he only said that because he was angry at you, I mean he loves you, I know he does.”
“Great, why don´t you tell him that- I´m sorry, Lynette, I shouldn´t have told you, I don´t want to ruin your day.”
“You´re not and I want you to tell me these things, that´s what friends are for after all.”
“Come on, let´s go inside and get you a glass of champagne.”
Susan pulled Bree after her just as Mary- Alice and Paul Young crossed the street.
“Hi- Happy Birthday, Lynnie.”
Her friend hugged her and then took her cake from her husband so that Paul could congratulate Lynette as well.
They went inside together and Paul left for the living room to talk to Carlos and Rex while Mary- Alice followed Lynette into the kitchen.
Gabrielle and Susan were leaning against the kitchen counter while Bree was arranging the food on the table, a glass champagne in her hand.
“Hey, girls- wow, Bree, that dress looks just perfect on you.”
Mary- Alice smiled warmly at her neighbour and Bree smiled back.
“Thank you- I made it myself, I couldn´t find anything to match the shoes, so I bought matching cloth.”
“Fantastic, I envy you, I just can´t get it right like you can.”
Lynette grinned at Susan, the never- ending battle between their friends for the more perfectly kept lawn and house and wardrobe was too funny to listen too, especially since both Bree and Mary- Alice were making sure to keep perfectly polite.
Bree took an envelope out of her purse and handed it to Lynette.
“That´s from all of us, I hope you like it- we thought it was something you could really use.”
Lynette opened the envelope and found a voucher inside and when she opened it a bright smile spread across her face.
“Oh my God, I love you- you are the best friends in the world.”
Tom, who had just entered the kitchen, stepped up to her.
“What is it?”
“A weekend getaway, just the two of us- and Bree and Susan will look after the kids.”
Tom wrapped his arms around Lynette´s waist and kissed her cheek.
“Thanks, Ladies, that´s fantastic- I don´t even know what to say.”
Susan smiled, taking a glass of champagne Gabby had poured her.
“Just forget it, we thought you two needed time out- it´s not a big deal.”

It had already gotten dark outside when Mary- Alice announced that she and Paul would go home now, they had promised Zachary to look at finished school project before he went to bed.
“Same here” Susan smiled “Julie is so excited about it, I just hope her teacher will see eye to eye with her.”
Lynette walked her friends to the door, then turned around to Gabby.
“Where are the others?”
“Tom and Carlos are in the kitchen, drinking wine and laughing their heads off about some silly jokes only guys could ever think of as funny.”
“Right- so where are Bree and Rex?”
Gabby smiled, then put her finger to her lips and took Lynette´s hand, pulling her over into the dark living room.
The glass door leading into the garden was ajar and Gabby tiptoed over and pointed over to Lynette´s garden chairs.
Rex was sitting in one of them with Bree on his lab, his arms closed around her slender waist while her arms were wrapped around his neck.
They were kissing, deeply and lovingly and a smile spread over Lynette´s face.
“How long have they been out there?”
Gabby shrugged.
“About an hour I think- cute, isn´t it?”
“Yeah- so come on, let´s join our husband´s and try to understand the male sense of humour.”
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